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Quotably Entangles Twitter

ScreenshotFor some web workers, Twitter has become an essential tool. Apart from the “water cooler” socialization aspect, it’s turned into a great way to tap into the lazyweb. Ask a question about coding, or marketing, or most anything else, and someone in your network will chime in with an answer. But sometimes it’s hard to follow the back and forth conversations that ensue, between the volume and the distributed nature of friend networks.

New site Quotably has an answer to this: they keep track of directed messages on Twitter and thread them into conversations. Enter a Twitter username, and you can see the back-and-forth that user has participated in lately. It’s not perfect (limited to public messages, for one thing), but if you’re already using Twitter this notion boosts its usefulness a bit more – as well as opening speculation whether unconnected messages in other arenas could be similarly seen as conversations by smart software.

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