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Imeem Joins The Platform Party — With A Twist: Full Access To Music, Video, Photos

Social net imeem joins the oh-so-crowded platform party with tonight’s launch of the imeem Media Platform. The platform includes a familiar list of goodies to encourage third-party developers to create site-specific apps — web services API, client libraries with access to key features like the media player, the social graph, search, playlists and underlying infrastructure for hosting, transcoding and delivering media. But imeem’s effort also includes a feature execs think will make it stand out from the crowd: access to and use of any media (music, video, images) on the site, all licensing taken care of by imeem. For instance, develops could create a music quiz and play full songs or use the imeem recommendation engine to provide specific video playlists or image slideshows.

Access to the developed apps is another story — developers are supposed to use imeem’s sandbox, then the company will choose “best of” apps to make available to the imeem community through a directory. Imeem plans to add OpenSocial support eventually to allow porting of apps for other OpenSocial sites but syndication of apps isn’t part of this version.