Yahoo: We Have Video Winners, Too!

If you ever wondered how Yahoo found itself in a position to be gobbled up by Microsoft, you only need look at its 2008 Yahoo! Video Awards. Didn’t know that Yahoo was even giving out awards for video? Neither did a lot of folks, we presume, as winners were announced at 5:04 p.m. — last Friday (which was Good Friday), and on the same day that the YouTube Video Award winners were announced.

Maybe it was the lackluster way the Yahoo video blog shared the news:

Without further ado, here are the winners, as of 9:56 am, when I rolled into work:

“Rolled into work?” Is Jeff Spicoli handing out trophies? Oh wait, are there trophies? The blog announcement isn’t specific:

Everyone, both winners and nominees, should expect to hear from us soon, ’cause there are prizes to go around.

My mistake, it’s not Spicoli, but Matthew McConaughey. Regardless, congratulations to the winners, especially The Guild, which continues its Sopranos-like dominance over the world of online video awards, picking up another nod for best series. Here’s a rundown of who won: