Xerox to Calculate Your Eco-Office Footprint


Xerox has been in a long-term makeover session, attempting to convince customers it’s more than just a copier and printer company (its hard when you’re branded as a verb). Part of that revamp has been a nod towards more sustainability, because, hey, what’s more wasteful than that stack of wasted documents in your office’s printer tray? (Oh, probably all those thrown away printer cartridges). Xerox’s latest nod to green is a just-launched sustainability calculator, which enables users to calculate the environmental footprint of their documents.

There’s a souped-up version of the calculator, which Xerox consultants are using to help corporate customers reduce the eco-impact of their documents. And then there’s the free light version, which just became available to anyone on the company’s website. The calculator can track the energy usage and environmental impact of printing and copying documents, via things like device type, settings used, 2-sided documents or not, and paper type used.

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman gives the corporate calculator a nod in the press release and says it saved 27 percent in energy usage, 26 percent in greenhouse gas emissions and 33 percent in solid waste for one of its sectors. OK, so its not really a needle-mover, but every little bit helps.



Jason Morris

We will see more of this as more companies become obsessed with environmental measurement and reporting. One of the forgotten areas in cleantech is measurement and analytics, which will likely become part of or port to business intelligence applications eventually.

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