Airline hypocrisy: is this Tablet PC sending orders wirelessly?

Virginamericamotiontablet_2Hey, what’s the big idea? Does Virgin America have a special pass to use wireless radios while in-flight? I can’t answer that question, but it’s obvious they’re using Motion Tablet PCs to take food and beverage orders while flying. Dave Zatz snapped this pic not long after Virgin America started operations. He placed his food and drink order via the in-flight entertainment system and the info appeared on the LE1700. Did the info get passed over wires through the FlexDock around the Tablet PC or are the orders sent via some wireless technology that doesn’t interfere with flight communications? Maybe it’s standard WiFi and they’ve secretly lined the cockpits with lead to shield the deck from interference as well as Kryptonite. Of course, the biggest question of all is: what meal did Dave request and how many drinks did he order… assuming he wasn’t the designated co-pilot, that is. I suppose we could check with Virgin Atlantic on this one, but my gut says they’ll tell us that the flight attendant is really playing Sudoku on the Motion Tablet… and that the order was sent over the dock. ;)


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