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Vid-Biz: DVRs, Jericho, March Madness

DVR Households Buy Less Stuff; new study shows DVR-equipped homes spend 5 percent less on packaged goods than non-DVR homes. (AdAge)

Jericho Comes Crumbling Down; despite efforts of rabid fan based, the apocalyptic series is shuttered. (Reuters)

March Madness Online is a Slam Dunk; 2.8 million hours streamed during first round, nearly 3.7 unique users during the first three days. (paidContent)

TiVo Cutting Costs as Cable Partners Ramp Up; DVR company drops the amount spent acquiring direct customers as Comcast and Cablevision roll out TiVo service. (Multichannel News)

Got YouTube? Famous milk campaign to use online video to reach younger audience. (MediaPost)

Rickrolling Gets NYTimesed; never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down (New York Times, no really)