VC Investments Rising In Russian WiMax Service Providers


Russians, like many other emerging telecom markets seem to be quite enamored with WiMAX wireless broadband technology. In past three months, three different WiMAX operators have raised close to $75 million in venture investments. The latest to get a bag full of VC cash is MetroMax, that has raised $20 million from Volga One River Capital Partners. Last month, Quadriga Capital Russia invested $15 million in Tascom, after a competitor, Enforta announced a $40 million round from Bessemer Venture Partners. All I have to say is raising $75 million in three months still pales in comparison to the $1.6 billion raised by Clearwire to get its WiMax network running.


Amitabh Kumar

It is perhaps not fair to single out Russia alone. WiMAX investment is happening in almost all countries in Asia, Europe and even Africa.No doubt it is partly due to the underdeveloped data infrastructure for which WiMAX provides a good overlay, but that is not all. Programs such as M-Taiwan and Eratach Argentina are setting examples.
Tata Communications, one of the largest telecommunications companies in India has announced its intention to invest $500 million in WiMAX technologies.The other major players of WiMAX in India are Bharti Airtel, Sify, Aircel and BSNL. Amongst them they are investing over $ 2 Billion.Wateen in Pakistan has gone ahead with Mobile WiMAX.May be these investments look small compared to $ 5 billion promised by XOHM,but these are for real.

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