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BMW Diesel Wins ‘World Green Car Award’: Going from zero to 60 mph in 8.8 seconds while getting 59 mpg sounds pretty good, eh? Too bad, the BWM 118d, which claimed its prize in New York, is not available in the U.S. – WIRED’s Autopia.

Battery Makers Lion Cells and Seeo Raise Millions: Lion Cells picked up $12 million from Battery Ventures and Nth Power for their lithium ion batteries while Seeo just raised a cool $1 million from Khosla Ventures for their high-intensity batteries – VentureBeat.

HSBC to Invest $198M in Renewable Energy: HSBC will invest £30 million (roughly $59 million) in Partnerships for Renewables Limited which will use the funds for some £100 million (or about $200 million) worth of renewable energy projects – Clean Edge News.

Fortune 500 Company Puts up $1B for Solar Power Plant: Utility giant FPL has filed plans to build a $1 billion solar power plant in the Mojave. The desert solar race just keeps heating up – Green Wombat.

Bubble-Powered Ships Bring Hop, Joy: The idea is to blow bubbles out of the hull underwater while the ship is underway, reducing friction and therefore increasing fuel efficiency. Now we just need to harness rainbows and love to solve our energy problems – Green Tech Blog.

Universities Gets $26M to Clean Up Fossil Fuels: Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and West Virginia University will get $26 million through a contract from the National Energy Technology Laboratory to develop clean and efficient technologies for the use of fossil fuels. College kids will do anything for beer money, eh? – Green Car Congress.



I’ll bet the BMW Diesel will run on coal to oil based fuel, too. Wouldn’t that be great?

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