T-Mobile offering BlackBerry 8820


250x270myfavesWe hassle T-Mo a bit around here so it’s only fair to share a little good news from the product pipeline. And it really only is a little good news because it’s not as earth-shattering as announcing T-Mobile’s 3G network is alive. (Oops, I did it again… sorry Britney Spears). Here’s the deal: if you’ve been wanting a BlackBerry with WiFi and GPS on the T-Mobile network here in the U.S., your wait is over. The 8820 is now available can be yours if the price is right. (Sorry Bob Barker) The “price is right” part is up to you to determine, since the price is $499.99 before a $150 instant discount for new customers. OK, now where’s that 1700 MHz 3G network… (sorry everyone, I couldn’t resist.)(via Phone Scoop)

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