Come on Down to South Park and Watch the Shows Online

The web just got a whole lot funnier as the guys behind South Park have made every episode of their hit show available for free online. That’s right — every. episode. (Take that Hulu, and your five weeks’ worth of shows window). South Park Digital Studios will house everything South Park including all the episodes (not embeddable — boo!), 3,000 video clips (embeddable — yay!) and spearhead other digital initiatives.

The studio is part of a joint venture between creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Comedy Central, with the two splitting ad revenue 50/50. The site continues with MTV Networks’ strategy of launching many vertical sites around individual brands. (Disclosure: I used to work for Viacom).

In addition to housing South Park content, the Digital Studios will also serve as a launchpad for other animated projects Stone and Parker come up with.

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