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Come on Down to South Park and Watch the Shows Online

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The web just got a whole lot funnier as the guys behind South Park have made every episode of their hit show available for free online. That’s right — every. episode. (Take that Hulu, and your five weeks’ worth of shows window). South Park Digital Studios will house everything South Park including all the episodes (not embeddable — boo!), 3,000 video clips (embeddable — yay!) and spearhead other digital initiatives.

The studio is part of a joint venture between creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Comedy Central, with the two splitting ad revenue 50/50. The site continues with MTV Networks’ strategy of launching many vertical sites around individual brands. (Disclosure: I used to work for Viacom).

In addition to housing South Park content, the Digital Studios will also serve as a launchpad for other animated projects Stone and Parker come up with.

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47 Responses to “Come on Down to South Park and Watch the Shows Online”

  1. I love that the makers of South Park have realized that people ARE going to watch it online, and they can either embrace that and make some money off of it or fight it and lose money in the lawsuits.

  2. James Brown

    You mean, all these commercial-free episodes of SP that I have downloaded from the Internet since 1998 aren’t the actual show? They sure had me fooled!

  3. the ads are pissing me off.. especially that fuktard with screwed up eyes.. offers all the episodes, with a little lower picture quality, but how good is picture quality if you have to be interrupted 4 times per episode by some jerkoff guy rolling around his fuked up eye while some psycho tune plays in the background..

  4. While this is very cool conceptually, why isn’t this accessible outside of the states? I understand the rights issues around paid content, but if they’re giving it away for free, why does it matter where the person who’s giving it away for free is living?