Be A Smart On-The-Road Worker

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Being on the road is a necessity for most web workers. While it might be fun to go on a business trip or to re-tool at a conference, work still has to get done. With a little planning and communication, your business contacts may not even know you’re away from your normal work habitat.

Plan your connectivity: whether it’s an EV-DO modem that gets you online wherever you can get a cell signal or a Starbucks Wi-Fi plan, be sure you know how you’ll be able to get in touch. I was surprised on a recent trip when I couldn’t find easy Wi-Fi to hop on. Use tools like JiWire or a Starbucks locater to plan out your connected trip.

Communicate: even if you plan out your travel to the most finite detail, something can go wrong. Whether it be a lost car rental reservation or a late flight, you might be late or absent to a meeting. Communicate your travel plans to colleagues so business contacts know why you might be late.

Have a backup in place. No matter what, it seems something is going to go wrong when you need a certain piece of information. Technology can often be the culprit. You should try to have a backup plan in place, whether it’s a spare cell phone in case your primary cell is lost or stolen, or having a thumb-drive with current information in case your laptop seizes to fully function. Check with your technology manufacturer to see if they have an on-the-spot replacement service at service depots. This may be expensive, but worth it in a pinch.

Have paper records. Sometimes electronic reservations fall through the cracks. To prevent this from affecting your trip, have printouts of all pertinent reservations including flights, rental cars, and hotels that show the reservation number(s) and reservation details.

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