Still good deals at the Lenovo outlet store


Reader Melvyn emailed me today that he just ordered a Lenovo x61 notebook PC from the Lenovo outlet store and his deal was so good I want to pass it on.  Melvyn’s x61 is loaded to the gills:

Core 2 Duo- 2.2 GHz
XP Pro
3 GB of RAM
1 GB Intel Turbo Memory
200 GB hard drive- 7200 rpm
Dual Layer DVD drive
High-capacity 8 cell battery

Original price- $3,331
Outlet price- $1,375.79

If you’re looking for a deal this sounds like the one and the x61 is a very nice notebook PC.



There’s another update to this post: Lenovo Outlet have terrible customer service and almost a month after placing this order it still hasn’t arrived. The order was placed on 18th March. On 24th I phoned Lenovo to get a rough idea of the timeline. I was told it would ship “in the first week of April”. Today (10th April) I phoned again for a sitrep. The guy left me on hold for 14 minutes. After which, all he could confirm is that the order was placed on the 18th March and that it hasn’t yet shipped. He also told me that sometimes these orders don’t ship because of the limited availability. I pointed out that if that’s the case, they really ought to have told me about it within a day or two of my placing the order. It’s outrageous that almost a month after placing the order, it takes *me* calling *them* to find out that there’s a chance my order might have been rejected despite the fact I have a confirmation mail and a rep told me it would ship in the first week of April. …

Patrick Perez

I ordered a refurb x61 notebook from the outlet on Wednesday, 3/19. It is expected to *ship* by 4/2. I got a terrific deal, but if I were in a hurry, it isn’t a good option. I am settling for 2.0GHz (4mb cache) and 1 GB (1 stick) ram, 120GB HD, biometric reader and bluetooth. Vista Business. I considered the turbo memory, but haven’t found any compelling proof that it offers real world benefit (as much as having the money in my pocket ). I do love a good Thinkpad. I can’t wait to get the new machine in hand.



Apparently, the 1gb of “Intel Turbo Memory” is only of use with Vista and XP can’t do anything with it. I’m sure there are enterprising tweakers out there who’ve found a way to utilize it. Anyone heard anything along these lines?


Also, in the interests of clarity: the DVD burner is an external “ultraslim” unit. The X series didn’t have built-in drives until the X300 came along recently.


I just didn’t want anybody to be upset when they got the computer and the screen didn’t swivel!!

James Kendrick

I corrected the entry. I just had Tablet on the brain and it’s true Melvyn didn’t say it was one. Still an awesome deal!


Correction: It’s not a tablet. It’s just the X61.

The Outlet has two sections of interest to “on the run” users: notebook and tablet. This great bargain was from the notebook area.


Is that really a Tablet PC? I didn’t think the x61 Tablet PC went up to a 2.2? he better check to make sure it’s actually a Tablet PC, not just an X61 Laptop

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