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Need a PDF converter? Here’s one on steroids

31474_g1If you’re looking for a PDF conversion application, I highly recommend you consider Nuance’s PDF Converter Professional 5.0 application. I only had a few-hundred words to summarize my review (which is tough to do!), but it’s up at PC World and it earned a score of 93 out of 100. I found it to be an excellent tool for converting many document types to PDF and back again. It can even create a PDF archive of your Microsoft Outlook mail and will also create PDF packages of multiple files.Disclosure: I get paid a flat-fee from PC World for what I write, so there’s no traffic incentives if you read it or not. I’m simply passing along my written review to folks looking for this type of productivity application.

One Response to “Need a PDF converter? Here’s one on steroids”

  1. My experience is not very good with this software. I use it since version 4. The activation issues are a pain. I never got it to really work without printing watermarks on my documents. I paid 2 times for tec support so far. They provide complex instructions that work only temporarily. At least now these istructions are available on the web site. Finaly I ought version 5 and… the same watermark issues are still crippling the software.