Want in on the Evernote Beta? Invites available today!

EvernoteI’ve kept the Giveaway of the Day site in my feeds just for days like this. More often than not, the free application isn’t anything special, but gems like today’s offer are what keep GofD in my Google Reader. It looks they’ve got beta invites to the new Evernote app we snuck a peek at last month. This is the version that will run on Mac, Windows and on the web. We’re in the beta and while we haven’t shared our overall thoughts yet, we’ve been most impressed by the background text recognition and search features. Sending all of your clippings and notes on the server from either Mac or Windows has made for a pretty seamless experience so far.But don’t take our word for it… especially since we haven’t posted a formal review. Hop over to Giveaway of the Day before midnight tonight and join us in the Evernote beta!


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