Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium: minimum run-time result

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BatteryeaterSo my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium has been unusable for the past several hours. Why? As I’ve done in the past with all the other Samsung Q1 devices, I was running the free Battery Eater Pro software that stresses the device to see what the minimum run-time is. The pretty little graph I usually get from Battery Eater Pro didn’t get generated for some reason, but the log file is readily available and it shows that the UMPC crapped out at 4 hours and 22 minutes. If you ran the Q1UP at full bore with no power management, WiFi on and the screen at half brightness, that’s how long you could work. Obviously, proper power management settings and a more laid-back use of the device will result in a longer run-time. I’m finding that the 6-hour run-time in normal usage is pretty realistic with this configuration.OK, time to recharge the battery and get some work done. Then again, it’s almost the weekend, so maybe I’ll unplug and recharge my *own* batteries!

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I am curious why you want to put Vista on your new Q1? What specific features in Vista do you want that is not on XP tablet? I really, really am considering the unit but do not have Vista to add on to it and am curious what I will be missing by having only XP. If I might suggest, when you do put vista on the Q1, could you post how you do it? As a note, I personally would like to see upgrades posted like the unboxing blogs/videos. You know – upgrades 101! It would help us neophites see how difficult or easy they are. Kevin and James – Keep up the great work on all your reviews. I love them.

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