Nuospace Aims to be the SMB Wiki

ScreenshotNuospace has launched their beta version with the tagline of being the “Enterprise Wiki For Everyone.” Don’t let the “enterprise” in there fool you: their actual sweet spot is the SMB market, where they hope to be the one intranet tool for small companies that can replace internal blogs, CMS, and document management, along with more traditional wiki functionality.

The basic thrust here is to take the standard wiki functionality, simplify it and strip it down (you won’t see any wiki markup at all here, and their WYSIWYG editor has only 17 toolbar buttons) so that it’s accessible to anyone, and then add back in some more targeted features. The overall result is something like a “wiki plus,” reminiscent of the sorts of intranet site that Microsoft hopes you build with SharePoint but more available for anyone to customize.

When you add new content to a Nuospace wiki, you choose between five types of pages:

  • Directories, which list pages and documents
  • Documents, which can be any uploaded document
  • Wiki pages
  • Discussion pages, which are simple forums
  • Regular postings, meant for blogs or newsletters

Each of these can be further edited by dedicated tools – for example, if you create a regular posting page, it comes with a “New Post” button. Documents and wiki pages have a lightweight workflow implementation with revisioning and the ability to mark pages as waiting for feedback, accepted, or approved. There are also ubiquitous “comment” buttons to let people contribute to discussions without building whole pages.

Out of the box, Nuospace supports unlimited users, with security and email notifications of changes. The launch plan is to have a free version with multiuser support and 200MB of storage, and a $50 per month per account business plan that ups the storage.


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