Feeling the Mac Love From Freshbooks

Freshbooks is sending out love to their Mac users via Mac Time Tracker widget for Apple’s OS X Dashboard. The press release says it gives users the ability to “link back to FreshBooks account whether they’re online or offline.”

First download the widget. Then go to Settings while in your Freshbook account on the Web and choose to Enable Freshbooks API. When you click to accept the terms, the site generates a “token” that you enter into the widget along with your Freshbooks URL.

The verdict? It works, running quietly and invisibly in the background while you’re working. Cute. Clever. Convenient. And when you’re done with the task, you just click on my Dashboard icon and it pops up with the timer still running until you click Stop. Then it sends the time logged to the respective project for the right client in your Freshbooks account.

I like things that work and that help me work. Freshbooks Mac Widget


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