Skype video on the Q1U-P is tricky to set up. Here’s how.

Q1up_webcamThis is interesting and I’m guessing it probably applies to the Q1 Ultra units as well as the Q1U Premium. The device has two cameras: one on the front and one on the back. I just installed Skype in preparation to test a video call with James later today. When I went into the Skype options for Video and tested the webcam, it was using the higher quality, rear-facing camera. No worries I figure, I’ll just use the drop-down menu to choose the other camera. I did just that, but Skype was still looking over it’s shoulder as opposed to looking me in the eye. Hmmm…..

I went into the Device Manager and could only find a single USB Webcam. My guess is that one USB controller handles both cameras, but then it becomes a challenge to pick and choose which you want to use in application like Skype. I did get Skype to recognize the front-web cam, but it was a bit tricky.

What I did was go into the included Samsung software for the cameras. In that application, there is button to choose the front camera and another button to choose the rear camera, which is what the app was using. I simply switched input to the front camera and then went back into the Skype options. The preview image in Skype wasn’t shown, but that makes sense, since another application was using the camera. At this point, I closed down the Samsung camera application and voila! there was my ugly mug in the Skype video preview.


Not an ideal way to do things, but with only one USB Webcam in the Device Manager settings, I don’t see another option. Any Q1U owners: does the same situation apply to your device?


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