SugarSync: “most useful sync tool ever?”

SugarsyncIt’s a whirlwind day here. Immediately after I write up my impressions of Dropbox, I get a note from the Sharpcast folks inviting me to try SugarSync. Don’t people realize it’s March Madness time? Thank goodness the Slingbox is working well on my dual monitor setup. ;)So what’s SugarSync? It sounds similar to Dropbox in terms of synching files across multiple devices, but it adds a few items. First up, it works on PC and Mac, but also works with phones. Specifically it looks like you can synch up the photos you take with your phone. It also adds $49 a year out of your wallet for 10 GB of space. Luckily, 10x the space doesn’t cost 10x the price: 100 GB tacks on another $100. There is a 45-day trial period, so if you can’t wait for my thoughts, hop over here and sign up. I’ll take advantage of the invite and report back.Ironcially Rafe Needleman covered SugarSync last night on Webware and I even commented on his post. Everybody sing it with me… “It’s a small world after all….” Rafe called it the “most useful sync tool ever”, so I’ll have to see if that statement holds water. And my files.


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