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Quick and Easy Promo Widgets

A lot of what I do every day involves marketing and promotions – always on the Internet and not just for my clients. I’m getting better at marketing my numerous Web projects and blogs only because the tools to do so keep getting easier and more integrated. Finally, I’m not the marketer who always has to apologize by saying “Do as I say, not as I do, because I haven’t been marketing myself lately.”

The Web-based marketing tools I’ve been using lately really blow me away with their simplicity and even more impressive – their integration capabilities, that is, the way they pull in a number of my pages on numerous social networking sites and produce a widget bringing them all together in one place. Magic!

Since self-promotion is key to any Web workers work, especially if we’re working solo and isolated from home and rely heavily on our social networks and blogs to reach out, I thought I’d share what I’m using these days.

Lijit and AddThis

I learned about a few weeks ago from my own Web developer (yes, I’ve hired a Web designer to revamp my professional web site – first time ever). Their tagline is “Revolutionary search tools and stats for your blog,” and I’m still discovering everything the site including accessing my stats for the first time this week. combines links to my social networking pages including bookmarking sites like and ClipMarks, photo sites like flickr, video sites like YouTube and blog pages. On top of that, it also adds a search feature that allows people to search all your pages and keeps stats about the top referrers, top searches and where those searches originate (geographically speaking).

I think I’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of can do for my blogs – so the jury is still out on how useful it becomes.

Just discovered this blatantly straightforward and convenient tool for adding the “Add Me” feature on my blogs and social networks. Their slogan “One button. Your Content Everywhere” hits home for me, especially because my Web content is flung all over the Internet. Their site lists the benefits of an AddThis button on your Web pages:

  • Easy Bookmarking & Sharing
  • Spreads Your Content
  • Removes Clutter
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Easily Customizable
  • For Websites and Blogs
  • Completely Free

As usual, I love the emphasis on “free” and “easy” because as you are beginning to gather from my blog posts, I’m cheap and overloaded. In the never-ending quest to increase my blog readership, any tool that installs a button or widget without forcing me to copy and paste the code (for Typepad, Blogger, WordPress, and MySpace, for example) is great in my book. This obviously doesn’t just benefit my e-marketing efforts but helps me streamline work as my clients add blogs and social networking pages to their campaigns.



I’ll always admit when I’m using a Web tool and don’t yet know what all it does, and that is the case with MyBlogLog since they’re under new ownership (Yahoo), and I seem to recall an email updating me on their latest features that I didn’t have time to read. So how do I use it to promote my Web work?

Since we’re on the topic of blogs as an essential part of my work and my marketing efforts, MyBlogLog is a good fit. The most obvious thing it does based on the widget you can place on your blog is to show the most recent visitors to your blog. I use this to gauge interest in my blog and get gut-instinct demographics based on who the visitors are and what they blog about. I also discover new blogs and bloggers this way.

The next thing MyBlogLog does is allow me to promote my blogs on their site and build both a fan base of family, friends and contacts as well as form communities around my blogs. I have to admit, I’m pretty hands off with these tools, but I appreciate the way they can still build my audience with minimal involvement on my part.

How are you using these tools? And what others do you use for promoting your Web work?

2 Responses to “Quick and Easy Promo Widgets”

  1. Thanks for the mention Aliza. On the topic of self promotion, one of the things that Lijit does well is that it allows your content to appear in the search results on other blogs that include your in their network.

    @corvida feel free to email me at micah [at] lijit [dot] com if you need anything help finding the right type of widget.

  2. I’m also using the MyBlogLog widget and also Twitter tools so that my viewers can see my latest ‘tweets’. I’ve been thinking of adding lijit if I can find the type of widget that I’m looking for within their collections.