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Open Thread: Web Worker Reading List

Just about anyone who has been web working for a while has had to deal with this question from friends and coworkers: “How do I do what you do?” There’s something about our lives that just seems to make people envious, or at least curious. But how do you clue people in to what the web working life is like? Beyond personal experience, it’s nice to be able to recommend a few good books.

Of course, our #1 recommendation is our own Anne Truitt Zelenka’s book Connect!. We’ve also looked at some other books, including One Person/Multiple Careers and The 4-Hour Workweek, over the past year.

But what have we missed? If you were going to recommend a reading list for a potential web-working friend, what would you put on it?

4 Responses to “Open Thread: Web Worker Reading List”

  1. I ordered Connect after reading this post and i am on page 15, so I can’t really review it yet.

    I quit my job after the first chapter of 4-hour work week – so be forewarned :)

    I love Getting Things Done – awesome book.

    I would also like to recommend The Art of Happiness, how to make people like you in 90 seconds or less, freakonomics and if you are in a relationship or have kids read the five love languages.

  2. It’s big help if everyone I work with has read Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make Me Think.” I can’t explain it better than he does, and they experience their own conversion.

  3. If you manage other people whilst living a nomadic life – I’d recommend a good book on Remote Management and V-Teams.

    I’d recommend ‘The Distance Manager’ by Fisher and Fisher