Vivendi Tries More Online Games Through Broadband Unit


In which universe would an ISP launch a massively-multiplayer online game (MMPOG)? In the French universe. Neuf Cegetel last night unveiled Exalight – a futuristic PC racer that requires a paid subscription. Though the game was developed out-of-house by virtual worlds specialist F4 and is available to all comers at 4.99 euros per month, Neuf Cegetel bundles the game to its broadband customers for a discounted 2.99 euros (via release).

So the idea goes, a racing game is far more accessible to casual gamers than a drawn-out RPG like Worlds Of Warcraft (although, the parent of Neuf’s SFR co-owner, Vivendi (EPA: VIV), owns that as well). For drawn-out revenue opportunities, however, players will be able to upgrade their vehicles and customise avatars. The video caters to every Parisian’s desire to escape the Periphique on a Thursday commute home…

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