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NYP Shuts Down PageSix Standalone Site After Less Than Four Months

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Join the Community!, the entertainment gossip site that gained independence from its original home as part of the in December, has been shuttered, Gawker reported. A rep for the News Corp.-owned tabloid told Gawker that it decided to pull the plug on the standalone due to the tanking economy. Apparently, the site had difficulty getting a toe hold in a market already saturated with established gossip sites, like TMZ and PerezHilton.

The PageSix site is now redirecting back to the main page. As a result of the closing, a mix of 18 editorial and other staffers have been laid off, while three PageSix employees have been given other assignments at NYP.

One Response to “NYP Shuts Down PageSix Standalone Site After Less Than Four Months”

  1. Please, the online market is hardly tanking – with projects of 20%+ growth this year in ad revenue. The Post was just realizing that they get no traffic outside of Page Six and didn't want their newspaper site's traffic to plummet. These are the same geniuses who raised their cover price from 25 cents to 50 cents after much fanfare, only to drop it back to 25 cents after less than a month because sales plummeted. Not a very strategic organization.