Nokia Likely To Add EMI To ‘Comes With Music’ Offering


Nokia (NYSE: NOK) looks set to gain EMI’s repertoire to add to the Universal catalogue that will be part of its upcoming Comes With Music pre-bundled music initiative. EMI Finland MD Wemppa Koivumaki told a Helsinki press conference (via Reuters): “We want to be part of it. I believe strongly that, when it launches we will be there, with a full offering.” Either that’s just local camaraderie with the Finnish handset maker or the label is set to do something innovative…

EMI showed those credentials last year, when, ahead of its takeover, it launched a DRM-free repertoire first with iTunes. Universal one-upped when it debuted its unlimited-access strategy with Nokia and, later, Omnifone, giving consumers unlimited free mobile tunes in return for an upfront payment from the handset maker, and the label remains Comes With Music’s only partner. But, just as EMI’s DRM move and Universal’s “celestial jukebox” play are not exclusive to either iTunes, Nokia or Omnifone,what’s really interesting here is EMI is signifying its emergence in to the jukebox-in-the-sky segment in a way that is unlikely to be limited to mobile. That could mean not just unlimited Robbie Williams on your cellphone – but also on your desktop.

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