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Track your packages on your iPhone


In addition to running The Apple Blog, I also run an interactive design/development firm called Sabotage Media where we build interactive jazz for clients and ourselves.

Something that we released recently was a little web app called TrackThePack that basically lets you track the various packages you have en route to you. It has RSS feeds and Google Maps built in so you know it’s hot stuff.

So how does this relate to Apple? Well while we do believe TrackThePack is the best package tracking app on the web, we’re pretty much positive it is the best (and possibly the only) tracking app designed to work specifically on mobile Safari (iPhone & iPod Touch).

So go ahead and check out TrackThePack on your iPhone or iPod Touch. But be careful, your addiction to tracking the shipping status of your new MacBook Air might get worse by doing so. Consider yourself warned.

6 Responses to “Track your packages on your iPhone”

  1. I much prefer an app called Posted Lite. Its free and supports many many more providers. Also has push notifications and barcode scanning.

    Search for “Posted” in the app store.

  2. @Bavster: That widget basically scrapes a page for the data. Going that route is a possibility but we’re trying to work directly with the couriers so we’ve got more control over the data. Page scraping is the last resort.

  3. @Bavster: Easier said than done. The problem is that most of the other couriers don’t offer any sort of API to tie in to their system. It’s something we’re working on, but it will be a little while before it’s ready.