PhoneFusion Adds Visual Voicemail


ScreenshotThanks to PhoneFusion, visual voicemail management is no longer limited to the iPhone. Anyone can now sign up for the Fusion Voicemail Plus service and get free unified voicemail management on their phone. At the moment, the phone-side software requires Windows Mobile 5 or 6, but they’re actively developing versions for other operating systems.

After signing up, you forward all of your voicemail to a new number from PhoneFusion. Then whenever a message comes in, you get a notification on your phone, and an application to manage notifications in. Listen to messages in any order, delete them, send messages, call back, or just get an overview there. You can also manage messages in the system from a web browser or any phone line.

Of course, PhoneFusion is giving this away for free in the hope of attracting more people to take a look at their other services. Like Grand Central, PhoneFusion One gives you a permanent “phone number for life” that you can set up to ring all of your other phones (conventional, cell, or even straight VOIP through a handset on your computer). Unlike Grand Central, though, they offer a number of optional features with a tiered pricing plan that makes them much more of a private PBX than just a unified phone number.

Depending on your level of PhoneFusion One service, you can get features like custom hold music, fax to email, multiple extensions, instant voice messaging, conference calling, calling card use, email and SMS call notifications, or a toll-free incoming number. If you feel like you’re stretching the limits of your current phone plan, their unified messaging services are worth a look, with pricing starting at $9.95 per month.



The Fusion Voicemail Plus number forwards all of your voicemail to one number, which you can access on any phone with Windows Mobile 5 or 6. The “one number for life” is part of PhoneFusion One’s services, which are separate from Fusion Voicemail Plus and do have a fee (but can be linked to your Fusion Voicemail Plus number). You can get a basic PhoneFusion One plan for $3.95 a month. That website is

Stephen Joyce

Curiously, did you say there’s a way to get a permanent “phone number for life” within the free account? I can’t seem to locate that option and was curious if I missed something.

Thanks for the write-up on this!

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