Flash to iPhone: Oh Yes, You Will Be Mine


During a recent earnings call, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said that his company will “work with Apple” to ensure that Flash apps would run on the iPhone. This after Steve Jobs publicly dissed Flash as being “too slow to be useful,” and its stepsister Flash Lite as “not capable of being used with the web.”

But like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Flash is not going to be ignored.

Adobe has seized on the release of the iPhone SDK to show Apple just how much they truly belong together. Forever. Like how they promised each other at summer camp. Narayen said:

We’ve evaluated the SDK. We can now start to develop the Flash player ourselves, and we think it benefits our joint customers. So we want to work with Apple to bring that capability to the device.

With 85 percent of iPhone users browsing the web, and 31 percent of them watching mobile TV or video, iPhone users are certainly hoping for a reconciliation. Let’s just hope Steve Jobs doesn’t have a rabbit.


Mark Sigal

Personally, this is a great test of the control v. (developer) community dynamics that will continue to play out as Apple tries to build a mainstream platform; namely, secure developer ecosystem love while maintaining the high performance bar that they have established with the iPhone/iPod touch family of devices.

As such, expect to see vendors like Adobe play the court of public opinion on the premise that perception has a way of becoming reality.

Apple can not afford to be perceived as being heavy handed, or worse, Microsoft-like in unfairly leveraging its position with the very same developers it needs embracing its platform.

In that respect, it is somewhat of a three dimensional chess game unfolding, something I blogged about in, ‘The Scorpion, the Frog and the iPhone SDK.’

Check it out if interested:





I’m definitly looking forward to this. Talking about rapid turn around with a codebase I’m familiar with. This should be an intresting summer this year.

Tim Street

Interesting. Yesterday and Tuesday while I was walking the floor at OMMA I was shocked how the iPhone and the iPod were not on the radar for advertising. Everyone was all about the Flash. Video Podcast Advertising seemed like it had been stopped by security at the door.

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