Apple enables Time Machine on AEBS, no Flux Capacitor required


Updatesmarch19_2After a few Software Updates from Apple earlier today, I was crossing my fingers. I don’t think that had anything to do with it, but Mac OS X finally supports Time Machine backups over WiFi to an external drive. When Time Machine was first announced, there was mention of this feature that lets use a hard drive connected to an AirPort Extreme Base Station over USB. Silly me, who bought both components in anticipation of Leopard only to have the rug yanked out from under me.It’s all good now though. The latest update just hit and I’ve got Barb’s iMac across the house now sending bits and bytes to the AEBS and 320 GB drive next to me. And I didn’t even have to take the DeLorean out of the garage for Time Machine use.




Thanks for posting this. I wouldn’t have known to run software update otherwise due to tax season. I’m never too busy to check JKOTR! :) I attached a USB drive to my AEBS and my wife’s powerbook is backing up just great. My Air seems to get stuck trying to back up to it and never finishes. I haven’t had time to figure out why. Oh well, back to taxes!



The question is… How does the performance of backing up over the network to a Time Capsule compare to using an Airport Extreme plus an external USB drive? I suspect the Time Capsule would be faster but has anyone benchmarked it?

Kevin C. Tofel

Eric, I don’t think Time Machine officially supports anything other than a Time Capsule or a USB drive hanging off an AirPort Extreme base station. I haven’t seen any reports of anyone getting it to work with a USB drive on a Windows machine.

nomo, I wonder if installing Bonjour for Windows will work?


Similar to the previous question: Is there an application that can be used with Vista and an Airport station (not Airport Extreme) to share a(n) USB hard drive in the same way?

Eric Lawton

hi i was wondering if i can use time machine to connect to an external hard drive connected to a windows machine through my wifi. I think this is a SMB or Nas connection? Thanks for anyones help.


Excellent news! I’ll use Time Machine to return to March 2000 and sell some tech stocks…

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