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March Madness: Adds Highlight Mash-ups

imageOne more social media twist for March Madness ’08 as we hurtle towards Thursday … Fans will be able to make their own highlight mash-ups set to the tune of anthem One Shining Moment and embed them on any site. It’s not completely DIY: they’ll choose from the highlights provided by CBS (NYSE: CBS), including buzzer beaters and other collections. When I asked if this was a kind of compromise over not being able to embed clips distributed through YouTube or the like, Jason Kint, SVP and GM of told me that wasn’t the case — that this is a new asset. They considered layering in more options this year like offering school fight songs but decided make it simple first time around.

Like everything else, this is ad-supported. The Mash-up Mixer will include a 2-3 second static advertiser bumper at the end of each mash-up.

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