Company Note: Wrong On All Counts

Mike, Despite your apparent cold war with us, all it would have taken you to get the facts is drop me an e-mail. Instead, you got it wrong on all counts: TechCrunch reports that our company is looking to raise $2 million to $3 million and that we are also considering selling the company. I can’t say this clearly enough: he is wrong on ALL counts. Let me elaborate:
— We may raise some more money but it is nowhere in the range Mike reports.
— We raised considerably less than a million in our first round from Greycroft partners…we didn’t disclose the round, but all we said was it was less than a million.
No, we are NOT looking to sell…not now, not in the near future. True, companies have approached us on whether we would consider the option, both in the past and even now, (some have even mentioned it publicly) but that’s probably happened to every company mentioned in Mike’s post. And my stock answer to anyone interested: We’re not yet ready.

So there you have it…over and out.