What Strike? Viewers Stick With OldTeeVee

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. A new survey from marketing services firm Carat revealed that a mere 5 percent of TV watchers will abandon their favorite TV shows when those shows return to air. A quick bit of math (and a tip of the hat to Silicon Alley Insider), and that means a whopping 95 percent of TV watchers are ready to come back to their living rooms to roost. No strike harm, no foul.

There’s one stat the web video industry can cling to: Of those 5 percent not returning to their favorite oldteevee programming, 11 percent said they’ll watch TV shows online.

So is there anything those in web video could have done to better take eyeballs away from TV? For an industry that prides itself on immediacy and nimbleness, new media studios had four months to pillage wayward television watchers, and couldn’t capitalize. Is web video over before it began? It could get worse before it gets better for online video as this will be a big year for oldteeve. Respondents to the Carat survey said they are excited about events like the riveting presidential election, upcoming Olympics, and the American Idol finale.


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