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Vid-Biz: DVB-H, China, CBS

EU Adopts DVB-H Standard; unofficial endorsement calls for member nations to encourage adoption of the mobile TV standard. (GigaOM)

Cell Phone Video of Chinese Protests Circulate on the Net; mobile video taking center stage for transmitting news from inside East Asia. (Slate)

CBS Exec: Combine TV and Net Ratings; during his keynote, VP and CMO Patrick Keane said online views boosted Jericho‘s ratings by almost a full point. (MediaPost)

Dish Wants a Do-Over with TiVo; satellite TV company files petition with federal appeals court to rehear its patent dispute with the DVR company (and get that $94 million back). (Broadcasting & Cable)

Church of Scientology Launches Video Channel; controversial religion creates official space to express its views (no embedding allowed, though). (Mashable)

YouTube and Vancouver Film School Team Up; aspiring filmmakers can enter competition to win a scholarship to the school. (YouTube Blog)