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Obopay: Another Mobile Payment Choice

ScreenshotPeople are still launching micropayment and phone payment solutions. The latest to come to our attention is Obopay, which is centered on mobile phones but has a web component as well. After signing up and linking in your bank account or credit card, you’re able to use Obopay to send money to anyone in the USA who has a mobile phone. Depending on your phone, you can do this via your web browser, SMS, or their dedicated application.

One nice thing about Obopay is that they’re not setting up a completely closed system. If you receive money from someone, you can go to the web site and have it direct deposited to your bank account, even without signing up for the service yourself. This may help their adoption rates compared to other services which require an account on both ends. The fee is a flat ten cents to initiate a transfer of any size, with no fees to receive or withdraw money.