GigaOM Daily: MySpace Mobile Launches, Meebo Money & More


[qi:083] MySpace Mobile is now live at You can do most of things you do on MySpace via the mobile page like Reading, composing and replying to MySpace Messages, viewing photo albums and posting comments or blog entries. During the beta phase, MySpace Mobile Web was getting about a million unique visitors per day, the company claims.

Matt Marshall thinks

[qi:011] Jack Meyers says “Media Industry is in an Unprecedented State of Economic Disarray.” I would say that is an understatement. “The focus instead, it seems, is on advertising as a commodity rather than advertising as a tool for building brand awareness and sales.”

Cap The Fund
[qi:006] This overwhelming need to couch everything we are doing these days in terms of these so-called new social media might be fine as a way to create a new business niche as companies try desperately to use any available trick to gain market share; but really do companies – or people for that matter – need this new media they way they are being led to believe. [WinExtra by Steve Hodson]



MySpace Mobile breaks if any of your contacts use special characters in their names. This error has been present for over a week and is about par for the course for MySpace. How this site has become so popular and stay so bloated and broken is beyond me.

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