Flash making its way to the iPhone?

Flash for iPhone

CNN Money is reporting that Adobe has announced that it has begun work on a Flash player for the iPhone.

Last month Jobs said Flash wouldn’t be added to the iPhone anytime soon due to performance issues. Shortly there after, Jobs also announced the released of the iPhone SDK for creating iPhone native applications.

Today, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen announced that they had begun development on an version of the Flash player thanks to the release of the iPhone SDK. As with all iPhone native applications, the Flash player will be distributed through the iTunes App store once that launches.

No word yet in regards to pricing, but I feel pretty confident Adobe will be releasing it for free just as they always have with all previous versions of Flash.

The Adobe/Apple relationship has been a bit strained in the past year, and I find it quite interesting that Apple has kept such strong control over this process to the point where they will actually be controlling the distribution of the most popular browser plugin of all time (at least as far as mobile Safari goes).

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