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Blip Gets Stuck in ISP Spat

Video host is seeing its service in Europe affected by a fight between two ISPs. Swedish telecom operator Telia and U.S.-based Cogent Communications are refusing to exchange traffic, apparently because they disagree about how much they should be paid to do so. CEO Mike Hudack writes on the company blog,

Unfortunately blip is a customer of one of these ISPs (Cogent Communications). They’re not our only ISP, but they’re one of our primary ones. For this reason some of you — particularly those of you in the European low countries — may experience issues getting to blip at the moment.

Om has the background on the Telia-Cogent spat at GigaOM.

3 Responses to “Blip Gets Stuck in ISP Spat”

  1. Hey Liz,

    It looks like we’ve been able to route around it for the most part. It may be a little slow for some people because of additional load on certain circuits — outside our control — but it should be working well. We haven’t received any other reports.