Vodafone Gets Exclusive Advance Access To Madonna’s New Album Hard Candy


imageVodafone (NYSE: VOD) has struck a deal with record label Warner Music to give the operator’s customers early access to music and mobile content from Madonna


Michael Southard

Whether or not the album leaks track by track until all of the tracks are on the web it doesn't really matter. The way it works with Madonna and her fans is simple. The die hard fan may download something illegally, but you can guarantee that the fan will later purchase the album on the day it is released and sometimes two copies out of guilt. Madonna will easily debut at number one when the album is released, and the album is guaranteed to go platinum in the US regardless because of her following. The Justin Timberlake and Timbaland collaborations probably won't add any sales or lose any sales to the album. People are kind of burnt out on the collaboration with these individuals.

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