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PBWiki Adds New Features to Compete in Wiki Market

PBWikiFor those of you who work with wikis on a regular basis know, they can be a hard concept to explain to people.  This is why PBWiki has been a blessing for us.  Their funny name stems from their intent to make the concept of a wiki as easy as a peanut butter sandwich.

They may have a funny name, but PBWiki has gained considerable traction in the collaborative web space.  Mostly popular in the education and non-profit web site market, PBWiki has generated more than half a million wikis.  Now with the re-launch of Jotspot as Google Sites, PBWiki is releasing new features and capabilities to make itself a more business-friendly wiki engine.

The first new feature most people will notice is the new and improved user interface.  The administration interface received a new look and feel along with improvements in speed and performance.  Additionally, the PBWiki team made it easier to brand and customize your PBwiki by allowing users more control over the design of their website.  You can easily upload your company logo and if you want, PBWiki will create a color scheme for your website based on your uploaded logo.

In addition to the fresh new UI, PBWiki 2.0 new features are also focused on security.  Now you can create folders and organize your web assets by directory.  PBwiki has built in folder level security, allowing site administrators to grant users granular security to each folder.  If site administrators want to get even more detailed, individual pages can have security set on them as well.  Finally, PBWiki 2.0 allows for individual logins for site editors.

If you are looking for a collaborative website and like the idea of using a wiki, PBWiki deserves a look.  They’ve always been a drop-dead easy site to use and now have some new features that make them a more attractive website tool.

To check out the new 2.0 features,  head over to PBWiki, create a new wiki, and chose “2.0 Beta” as your wiki type.  Alternatively, you can see some of the new features at their demo wiki site.

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