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Ninja to Hang Up His Mask?

When do you kill the one-trick pony? Kent Nichols, in a blog post about he and partner Douglas Sarine’s deal to write and direct a new version of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, says he sees the duo’s signature three-year-old project, Ask a Ninja, tapering off.

Nichols writes that he and Sarine have committed again to ad-seller Federated Media to produce their “weekly-ish” show for the next year, and will release their Ask a Ninja: The Ninja Handbook.

After that contract? Who knows. We love the ninja and we want to be a part of our lives for a long time to come. But at the end of that term it will have been over three years since Ask A Ninja has been in production and over four since we’ve been writing ninja-related things. I’m sure we’ll take a bit of a break (at least in terms of producing weekly-ish). We’ll definitely keep the archive online and hopefully the fansite will continue to thrive. And there’s always the Ninja movie…

Nichols is careful to say he’s not abandoning the web, but has this advice for his cohort: “Just be ready with a good answer of what you want to do next when someone asks you.”

Like Ze Frank, who left his audience wanting more a year ago, Nichols knows he shouldn’t pigeonhole himself. It takes a certain sort of brain to play the same schtick for three full years! Last year we looked at some of the first web series sophomore seasons, and later wondered what this whole season construct meant online, anyway. But when to move on? That’s a pretty good question. And it looks like Nichols at least, has his answer.

P.S. Ask a Ninja was one of the first things we wrote about when we started NewTeeVee.

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