Gizmoz, Clearleap, “Fooooo” Raise Funds


Money is flowed into company coffers, with Gizmoz, Clearleap and “Fooooo” all announcing new funding today.

Create-your-own-3D-animated-character company Gizmoz raised $6.5 million in a Series B round led by DoCoMo Capital, with ngi capital inc. kicking in as well. Return investors include Benchmark Capital and Columbia Capital. The new money will be used to fund expansion into Asia.

In its first round, Atlanta-based Clearleap took in $9 million from Trinity Ventures and Noro-Mosley Partners. The company offers video technologies it says will marry web video with oldteevee (we called for further clarification).

And finally, Japan’s Bank of Innovation raised $1 million to further develop the video search engine “Fooooo” (no, that’s not a typo, and yes it has 5 “o”s). It’s the second round of financing, and was led by CyberAgent Inc.

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