FICCI-PwC: Online Advertising At Rs. 2.7 Bn; Gaming, Animation & VFx At Rs. 13 Bn


With FICCI Frames a little over a week away, FICCI has released a summary of its annual report on the Indian Entertainment and Media Industry. They estimate that Indian Entertainment and Media Industry will be was Rs. 513 billion in 2007, up from Rs. 438 billion in 2006. As per FICCIs estimates, the Gaming, Animation and Visual FX segment was at Rs. 13 Billion, having grown by 24 percent in 2007, over 2006. Online Advertising was at Rs. 2.7 Billion in 2007, having grown by 69 percent. It’s projected to become Rs. 4.8 billion by end 2008, and Rs. 11 billion by 2012. At present, advertising contributes 38 percent to the entire Media and Entertainment Industry’s revenues – having grown to Rs. 196 billion, up from Rs. 161 billion in 2006. So online advertising was just 1.3 percent of overall E&M advertising in 2007.

There’s been an increase in convergence between Media and Entertainment and Telecom, particularly with mobile industry. TV broadcasters are also launching online and mobile portals. e-papers and m-papers have been launched. The report claims that Digital cinema is making significant progress, and there’s been an increase in online and mobile ticketing sales. Over the next 5 years, digitization will herald a reduction in costs for content and delivery.

The report projects that the E&M Industry will be Rs. 1.157 trillion by 2012, growting at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18 percent. Foreign Investments in the sector reach a high of around Rs. 8.5 billion (around $211 million). Of all the media segment, TV generated the most interest among investors.

The report will be released at FICCI Frames, and we’ll have more details then, and well as an assessment of the methodology used. In the meantime, details for TV, Print, Radio and Filmed Entertainment in the release (doc)

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