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Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium gets unboxed… and the world waits.

UmpcyoutubeIt’s become abundantly clear to me just how much power Mike Cane has. I’ve definitely underestimated him, in fact. First, he finds a way to make UPS hold my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium an extra day and now he’s enlisted the folks at YouTube in his schemes as well. Last night I unboxed the new UMPC while doing a video chat with James. As you can see, the video was uploaded last night at 7:36pm. Here we are now, nearly 15 hours later and the video is still processing.I’ve always felt that the YouTube folks have hired Oompa-Loompas from the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory to do the video encoding behind the scenes. Obviously, they’ve been lured back to their old employer via some offer of unlimited candy or something. And so we wait. However, I will share this with you: I used the device from around 7:30pm to 12:40am this morning and when I shut down, Windows was indicating I had 55 minutes of battery left. The battery was not even fully charged from the box; it was roughly around 85% charged. This rocks. I believe that with the included extended battery (a six-cell) and a second extended battery, the Q1UP will easily be an all-day computing device. So far, I’m very impressed with the device although I’ve found one major annoyance: when rotating the 1024 x 600 screen, the joystick and directional buttons are not rotating. I’ll be looking into that of course. My intention is to share my thoughts with the device out of the box for a good week. That means using 1 GB of RAM and holding off on my 2 GB upgrade, running Windows XP Tablet Edition before going to Vista, and not doing major “optimizations” to make the device run more efficiently. How you’d buy it is how I’ll review it. Later, I’ll personalize it to my tastes and add more thoughts. Oh and Mike: get some Oompa-Loompas back on the job, would ya? Thanks!

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  1. I bought Lee’s Q1U-Premium and agree with him totally- the battery life and speed are awesome and the speakers work very nicely. With the array microphones it handles Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.0 beautifully.

    All in all it is what many of us hoped the UMPC would be from the start.

    That said (written) Lee’s Q1U-P– that was my Q1U-P– is now someone else’s Q1U-P. (Let’s hear it for eBay!)

    After using it for a bit I realized that my preference is clearly toward an active digitizer tablet and I just couldn’t see keeping it and my Fuji ST5030.

    Knowing how much you have enjoyed/made use of your previous Q1s Kevin I have no doubt you are LOVING this device. Enjoy.

  2. Hey!! In the credits you have Big Head, Little Head, and Smart One. What, no Cameo Mention By… for me? HAHAHA!

    $1300 is a frikkin lot of money!! I look forward to your reports of using it.

  3. Speaking of the new YouTube rez, I’ve got a 1.8GHz machine here and the higher-res YT vids are jumpy. I don’t understand that. I can play 720p widescreen HDTV AVIs with vlc just fine!

    Kevin, try out these vids on that new baby of yours! I think this might be one of them:

    Apparently, YT is encoding some videos *twice*. One regular 240×320 FLV, then higher-res (but within the same size player window).

    Here’s one that gives a choice (see link below video window at left):

  4. Honest, boss! It’s not me this time!

    I think what might have happened is that you got caught in the new YouTube better-quality-video continuum.

    You’ve probably heard that YouTube is now outputting better resolution video, “based on the source material.”

    What was YOUR source material?

  5. Thoughts, comments and questions:

    1. Yes, I will test the USB727 EV-DO modem with the Q1UP; it’s my primary connection when mobile. The included case with the unit is VERY thin; it’s more like a fabric sack. Not sure what I’ll be using for a case.

    2. So far, no issues with the camera turning on by itself. I’m impressed with how the camera & software work so far, but I’ve only played with that feature long enough to snap a picture of Tyler. I haven’t used it for video yet.

    3. Using the Q1 series for a portable multi-media device is awesome in my experience. Internet radio? This will handle it like a champ. The speakers are only rated for 3W, but as mentioned above, they’re great for a device of this size.

    4. There will be a Q1UP with an HSDPA option and there’s one planned with a WiMax option as far as I know. Plus the SSD drive is coming soon as well.

    5. RE: I’ve found that it doesn’t work well with a mobile broadband connection for some reason. Not sure why. Plus we have a library of 50+ vids on YouTube, so we’ll probably stay put there. For now.

    6. Screen rotation: this is disappointing because Samsung has had nearly 2 years to address this (if you go back to May 2006 with the first Q1 device). We’ll figure something out. I know I can “fix” it by using the Easy Button Mapper and creating a profile for when rotated. However, that’s a pain and doesn’t address the joystick.

    Speaking of the joystick. I love the two modes it has. Joystick for scrolling, mouse mode for moving the cursor. You change modes with the touch of a button above the joystick and there’s an LED indicator to tell you which mode you’re in. Nice implementation!

    Time go kick some Oompa-Loompa butt…

  6. Tory Larson

    Kevin, you ran into my number one annoyance on my Q1U–the rotation issue. I WISH I could find a utility that would change that situation for me. I also find that the joystick on mine is a little irritating…how’s yours? My unit is an original A110 Q1U.

  7. Dave:

    You wouldn’t need a dock. It has a built in “kickstand” and will have no problem standing quite nicely on its own. But the stand is for viewing or listening purposes, it is not strong enough to use as you would in a dock which you could confidently apply pressure against. But you could certainly stand it up and listen to internet radio.

    For such a small device, it has TWO of the best stereo speakers imaginable. Much better then most subnotebooks/small laptops.

  8. Andreas

    I currently have a Q1U with Vista and 2 GB of RAM and I’m so looking forward to reading and hearing about your experiences, Kevin! I hope they will give me a clue as to if it would be worth it for me to upgrade.

    Please be very elaborate! ;) I can hardly wait…

    BTW: Is there a model of the Q1UP announced that will have integrated HSDPA?

  9. Hmm… never thought about using it as a part-time Internet radio. Lee’s comment on the speakers has got me thinking… Does it have some sort of dock thingy I could stand it in near the bed? Probably cheaper to just get some sort of speaker dock for my iPhone though. Hm!

  10. I already bought and sold this device. The battery was remarkable and the speed (XP only) was fantastic – as were the speakers. The reason for my return is that I just couldn’t find a use for the device to justify my purchase. But my needs are most likely different then yours, Kevin. I wanted something to incorporate into my law practice.

    Instead, I just bought a gently used Fujitsu Stylistic 5112, Core Duo with 80gb HD, 2gb RAM, also running XP and the wireless keyboard with touch pad. It came with OneNote 2003 and Office 2007. The Fuji is a lot more practical for me. I almost went with the 1610/1620 based upon James’ posts, but I was concerned about taking lots of notes and the thickness of the machine compared to the 1″ thickness of the 5112.

    Enjoy “Son of Sammy” – that machine rocks.

  11. iNsAnEcLoWn

    If your looking for a cheap usb powered external dvd drive I just ordered this one for my Future Samsung q1 Ultra Premium:

    I am really excited the battery lasts so long! I have a Sprint u727 usb broadband card, I am aware that you have one as well, can you test the battery life out with it plugged in all day?
    And just curious what carrying case do you use with it?