Earth2Tech Week In Review

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The ides of March have brought a bounty of venture funding and conferences to the cleantech world. However, there was some news to beware of this week as the Washington Post exposed the dark side of solar. So, in
case you missed the good and the bad in cleantech news over the last week we’ve gathered the top E2T headlines together for your here.

  • The Dark Side of Solar: Chinese polysilicon manufacturing is about as pleasant as it sounds. The Washington Post did an investigative piece to expose the environmental and human toll of manufacturing solar cells in China.
  • John Doerr: Lack of Energy R&D is Almost Criminal: Speaking at the Berkeley Energy Symposium, VC superstar John Doerr told a room full of undergrads and grad students what he really thought about America’s regulatory system and why we need more investment in clean energy.
  • Solar Thermal JV to Spend $1.24B in Spain: Torresol Energy is a new solar thermal company that has been formed as a joint venture between Spanish engineering group Sener and Abu Dhabi’s Masdar project. Already the fledgling company plans on building $1.24 billion worth of solar thermal plans in Spain.
  • Range Fuels Up With $100M: With a very expensive next-generation ethanol plant in the works, Range Fuels raised a cool $100 million at the end of the week. Details were scant but it’s reported that $25 million came from an undisclosed energy investor while existing investor Khosla Ventures chipped in another $25 million.
  • The Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine: AMEE — which stands for the unsubtle Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine — is the open platform behind Google’s online carbon footprint calculator. While at SXSW we chatted with AMEE founder Gavin Starks who told us more about what the platform can do and how businesses can use it.

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