Coffee break- no lost time with the right gear


Coffee_manToday’s coffee break is not really a coffee break in the purest sense as there is no beverage involved.  This morning I decided to be a nice guy and take my wife’s car into Jiffy Lube and have her oil changed and tires rotated.  I’m just a nice guy like that.  Mobile guy that I am I know that things often don’t work as planned so I tossed the Fujitsu P1620 into the Man Bag, yes the Man Bag, and headed to what should have been a half hour chore.  Things often happen unexpectedly and this was one of those times as the mechanics at Jiffy Lube couldn’t remove the oil drain plug as the last place that did an oil change apparently stripped it.  They tried for an hour, I’ll give them that but to no avail.  I decided I needed to take the car to a real mechanic who could get the stripped plug out of there so I headed a mile away.

The second shop said they could certainly get the plug out and perform the same oil change and tire rotation so I set them in motion and settled into the waiting room.  I was already over an hour into my half hour chore and it was likely going to be another hour given the task at hand.  No problem for me as I pulled out the Fuji and popped the v740 modem into the PC Card slot and got to work.  It was quite comfortable in the waiting room and I got a lot done, although getting our latest video posted was not one of those things since YouTube was still processing away at the video.  I was able to keep an eye on that process though and I got everything ready to go in case it ever got finished processing.  While I was working away I was struck once again how I often capture what would otherwise be lost time in situations like this and it’s due solely to how mobile my gear is.  If the P1620 wasn’t so darn small I probably wouldn’t have brought it with me for a "half hour" chore like I set out to do.  It’s great being so mobile.

OreoRight now I am sitting in the comfy Man Chair in front of my TV watching March Madness basketball and working away with the Fuji in my hands.  The dog Oreo is curled up around my neck on the back of my chair and it couldn’t get any better than this.  I love mobile tech.

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