Verizon Wants to Speed Up Your BitTorrent Videos

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Verizon and Pando will use today’s DCIA conference in New York to release test results of a system aimed at reducing the impact of P2P traffic on ISPs. The system will make P2P downloads up to six times faster while at the same time reducing the costs for ISPs. Continue Reading on NewTeeVee

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David H. Deans

A very interesting new development, for sure.

With the existing momentum for over-the-top streamed video delivery (Hulu launch gave a boost), and now the potential for P4P accelerated video downloads, it makes me wonder how much more “fragmented” the consumer entertainment landscape will become over time.

The legacy high-budget program production model, and high-cost media distribution model, from the mass-media era don’t seem prepared for the ROI challenges of the emerging micro-media marketplace. While I have no doubt that the two models will adapt and co-exist, the fallout is unclear — particularly for the new telco IPTV entrants.

Is there still a window of opportunity to build — and invest in — a delivery platform that’s essentially modeled after the legacy mass-media linear programming environment of yesteryear?

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