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The Man Bag fits the P1620 perfectly

Man_bag_frontOK, I know the Man Bag is not the most masculine bag out there but today I was digging in my drawers (get your mind out of the gutter) looking for something else and spied the Man Bag sitting at the bottom of the drawer.  I took it out in wonder as it must have been three years since I’d seen the thing and the more I looked at it the more I realized it looked to be about the same size as the Fujitsu P1620.  You know about this problem I have with gear bags so what else could I do but try putting the Fuji into the Man Bag.  Guess what?  It fit so perfectly it’s as if the bag was made specifically for the Fuji.  Yes that’s right, I am seriously thinking of carrying the Fuji around a bit in the Man Bag.  Is that sick or what?  Sadly (for some maybe) the company’s web site shows that all of their bags are out of stock so you’re out of luck if you want one.  Somewhere someone is bound to want one, really.

6 Responses to “The Man Bag fits the P1620 perfectly”

  1. Well, if it fits the Fujitsu P1620 laptop, then why not? I understand the masculinity issue, but all the same, if this is an easy and practical way to transport the computer then go ahead and do it, and don’t be concerned with what other people might think!
    Besides, if it contains a laptop, people might be more inclined to see it as a computer bag moreso than a manbag specifically.

  2. I have a similar obsessions… I am ALWAYS looking for the perfect bag to carry my gadgets in.

    I look for two elements (primarily), first, how does the bag help me to carry my gadgets so that they are safe, accessible, and comfortable to take with me, second, is the bag in question practical?

    This looks like a good bag! Size is important when one has a small gadget!!!

    I tend to agree with Nate – I often just carry my notebook (although in a sleeve) like a book.

  3. JK, I know … Though your site is increasing my spending on gadgets. But I’m buying good stuff, and these expenditures will get me in a lot less trouble than some of our politicians’ expenditures lately :-) — especially since I bought one of the P1620s for my wife (but ssshhh, don’t tell her, it’s a surprise).

  4. I am going bankrupt buying all your recommendations. I just bought 2 P1620s + a sleeve case from Waterfield (and a Cozmo bag) to put it in. Now this. Enough!! (Just kidding, keep the recommendations coming).

  5. Cute purse.

    I kid… I kid. :)

    Seriously, though, why do you need a bag for a machine like the p1620?

    To me, one of the great things about smaller machines is that they don’t really need a bag. I love the fact that I can just grab my Eee and carry it around as if it was a book. It gives a level of freedom that you can’t be had with larger machine.

    Heck I don’t even own a bag for my Eee, slip or otherwise.