The GigaOM Show: Second Life's Philip Rosedale


Wow. Host Joyce Kim takes off for one week and things go crazy on this week’s episode of The GigaOM Show. We step into the world of Second Life with founder and CEO Philip Rosedale, who gets a virtual grilling from Wagner James Au (author of the new book The Making of Second Life). Rosedale gives us “The State of the Second Life” union address, talks hype cycles, and explains why the tech sector should still care about his company. Also on the show, we talk a little Hulu, and if Mary Tyler Moore is watching, I’m sorry for butchering your theme song (the producer made me do it).

UPDATE: Well this puts a different spin on this week’s episode: Philip Rosedale stepped down as CEO today. The company is searching for a replacement with more management experience.–0033–secondlife–800kbps.flv&ScrubMode=advanced&Thumb=–0033–secondlife–thumb.jpg&DefaultRatio=0.56&AutoSize=off&allowFullScreen=true

You can also download the show for QuickTime, Windows Media, or Xvid.



Why no mention that Hulu is only viewable from America? Bit weird hyping a website that most of the online world can’t access.

moo Money

OMG they used the raw footage that I took for Linden Lab! I’m happy to see that it went to good use. :)


That articles goes over Rosedale’s Founder’s dilemma. Interesting, and coincidental? It is weird that he would be featured on the same day he steps down.

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