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comScore Vid Stats Drop for First Time

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For the first time since comScore started releasing video stats, the number of videos watched online dropped in January, dipping to 9.8 billion from 10.1 billion in December. This decline falls in line with Nielsen’s January numbers, which also showed a dropoff. But January’s 9.8 billion is still higher than the 9.5 billion videos watched in November.


Market leader YouTube (counted as part of all Google video sites) raised its share of videos viewed to 34.3 percent from 32.6 percent in December. comScore also found that the average viewer watched 70 videos in January, the average online video duration was 2.9 minutes, and the average viewer watched 206 minutes worth of video. Those numbers are approximately the same as the measurements for December.

6 Responses to “comScore Vid Stats Drop for First Time”

  1. jumped from 2 million uniques in Dec to 3.15 million uniques in Feb (worldwide – U.S. went to 1.5 million in Feb, although comScore always reports about 1/3 of what our internal, more accurate stats report). I don’t see it slowing down.

    The trend that we are seeing is that users are looking for more varied and unique content, and subscribing to more series than before. The initial novelty of web video is wearing off and now people want the niche / vertical content that will most interest them.

  2. The problem with Comscore’s numbers is that it only looks at US visitors. Hitwise only reports US visitors too. When you take this kind of myopic view, its no surprise that the MSM sites are going to be on there. I’m more interested in global traffic and when you consider how many of those sites are banned outside the US, I can’t help but wonder if there are better independent sites that are actually doing more traffic.