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KickApps Rumors: Too Early For Now; And No, Not Just AOL

IMG_0535-EditSo tons of KickApps-related rumors have been floating around since Kara reported last night that AOL (NYSE: TWX) is close to buying the white-label social networking service (more here and here). Turns out it is not as involved as reported: AOL has certainly expressed interest, but so have others. At this point, KickApps is not focused on doing a deal, my sources say, and it certainly hasn’t initiated a process. It is not “dating” as someone told me, but if one of them threw the right number, it would get their attention. Translation: we’ll consider everything, which really means nothing. (pic: Kickapps’s booth at last year’s EconSM conference)

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3 Responses to “KickApps Rumors: Too Early For Now; And No, Not Just AOL”

  1. Taj – white label video really isn't commodity functionality right now. With Brightcove getting rid of their free offering, there really isn't a terribly easy way to do internet video. Kickapps may not have as deep video functionality as Brightcove or Maven but they also don't require the kind of commitment that BC or Maven asks for (also Maven is only doing big corporate now anyway). Also they have lots more social media functionality. Also Bebo doesn't do their own video if I remember correctly – they use VideoEgg I believe so they really can't white label it since it isn't theirs. Finally AOL is absolutely positively in the B2B business with and big services like Tacoda, LightningCast, etc.

  2. Why would anyone buy this — this is commodity funtionality today — so 2006!! You and others are obviously being spun by a company deperate for a deal. Proof — the AOL rumor is ludicrous — they just bought everything Kickapps offers and more in Bebo (a desparate attempt by AOL for relevancy) in terms of functionlity and turning it into a white label offering like Kickapps is negligable — and AOL isn't in that sort of B2B business — totally ridiculous.