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Vid-Biz: Hulu, Blu-Ray, Bro Search

Les Moonves Hedges Bets on Hulu; “We think it’s a terrific idea; we think we can do a better job ourself, and by the way we still might join Hulu.” (Online Video Watch)

CNN Conducts Video Interview Via Skype; while on vacation in Maui, Jeffery Toobin borrows equipment from his hotel to transmit interview with Anderson Cooper. (TVNewser)

No Blu-Ray for Xbox; Microsoft is not in talks with Sony to integrate the high-definition format into its gaming console. (Reuters)

Break Launches Bro Search; Dax Shepard stars in comedic series about a social network for best buds. (

Bro Search – Watch more free videos

YouTube Launches 2007 (Yes, 2007) Video Awards; audience can vote on their favorite vids in categories like comedy, instructional, politics, music and more. Winners announced on March 21. (YouTube)

Will Video Crash the Internet? rise in rich media straining the net’s infrastructure, could affect the U.S.’s ability to innovate and compete. (The New York Times)

Eggs, Milk, DTV Converter Boxes? the National Association of Broadcasters wants converters in grocery stores in rural areas far away from electronics retailers. (Broadcasting & Cable)